The Power of the Warfstache
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Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 2014
Written by Gabe Harrison
Directed by Addemup
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None PewDiePie's Takeover

This is the first episode, of the first season, of The Chysilis Chonicles.

Plot Edit

After playing Five Nights at Freddys 2, Markiplier gets sucked in a Void created by a mysterious figure, after landing in this foreign world, he meets up with The Warrior of Light and they become the Warfstache Duo. They do not expect their future journeys.

Characters Edit

Markiplier, The Warrior of Light

Script Edit

Markiplier: (playing Five Nights at Freddys 2) Uh......Freddy? Hellooo....... (sees Freddy) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (dies in-game) NOOOO!!! (shuts off the computer) ahhh... glad that's over... (checks the clock) whoah... it's midnight already... well, I guess I should go to bed...


Markiplier: (Snoring) ???: (strange noise)

Markiplier(half asleep)......Muphphphugppugppupughuphpuphpuhhugp.....

???: (opens portal)

Markiplier: AHHHHHH!!! OH MY GAWD!!! OH MY GAWD!!! (gets sucked into portal) NOOOOOOO!!! (scene ends)


Markiplier: ...Where am I?...

(Markiplier looks around. Apparently, he is in a white space.)

Markipier: ...Great. Now I'm stuck in Sonic Generations, and I don't know how to get out.

???: Mabye I can help you.

Markiplier: ..Who are you?

???: I am The Warrior of Light, and, like you, I do not know how I came here, but I may be able to help us.

Markiplier: Well, in order to do that, we're going to form a team. Ooh - I know - the Warfshache Duo!

The Warrior of Light: ...What's a Warfshache?

Markiplier: Never mind that. Well, we need to find a way out of here!

The Warrior of Light: Hmm, I believe I saw a blue thing go by here, don't know what it is though...

Markiplier: That's sonic T_T.

The Warrior of Light: ...Sonic?

Markiplier: He's a Blue Hedgehog the size of a boy

The Warrior of Light: Okay then, let's see, let's go west.

Markiplier: Okay, right it is.

To be contiunued...